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Wedding Website

We have partnered with to bring you a huge value.  At absolutely no additional charge we will work with you to create a personalized wedding site which will include all of your wedding information.  This isn’t just an online version of your invitation either, it is a full website with dynamic information for all of your guests and wedding party.  Include the web address on your invitations to make sure that everyone gets the information they need to attend so you will have that much less on your list to do.

The site consists of:

  • Personalized Home Page
  • Registered at page with where you are registered and where to send gifts if not attending
  • Engagement/Bride and groom bio page
  • Ceremony page with dates and times, directions, and online RSVP
  • Reception page with dates and times, directions, menu, and RSVP
  • Contact page so your guests can always reach you
  • choose your template

This service is included at absolutely no additional charge
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