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Senior Ambassador Program

Kinney Studios specializes in Senior Portriature and to get the word out we offer the Senior Ambassador Program to any High School or College Senior that we shoot!  The program rewards seniors for sending their friends to us to get high quality, fashion forward pictures made during their big year.

Here is How it works:
For each friend an Ambassador sends to us that purchases one of our senior portrait packages, we will give that Ambassador $20.  That is per referral that purchases.  So if they send us 3 friends and they each buy then that Ambassador gets $60, if they refer 4 then they get $80 and on and on.

Big time bonuses too
Our Ambasssadors also have the opportunity to earn bonus bucks.  On the occasion of their 5th referral’s purchase, not only does the Ambassador get the normal $20 they earned, but also an additional, one time bonus of $100!  Take a look at the chart below:

On Occasion: 1st purchasing referral 2nd purchasing referral 3rd purchasing referral 4th purchasing referral 5th purchasing referral
Ambassador Gets: $20 Visa Gift Card $20 Visa Gift Card $20 Visa Gift Card $20 Visa Gift Card $20 Visa Gift Card
With a bonus of:         $100 Visa Gift Card
For a total of: 1 Visa gift card = $20 2 visa gift cards = $40 3 visa gift cards = $60 4 visa gift cards = $80 5 visa gift cards = $100
1 bonus visa gift card = $100
Grand total $200
& 6 personalized visa cards to keep

caa0935c90578cfcbda8d5695c6ad193 Senior Ambassador ProgramNot Just cash… the convenience and piece of mind of Visa
The money that is earned is given to the ambassador on pre loaded $20 visa gift cards.  We do this so that parents dont have to worry about cash.  They know that they can only spend that money where visa is accepted.  They could use it at online stores from Itunes to to Ebay.  It is also spendable to shop at the mall or eat at McDonalds… the possibilities are endless, but only legitimate purchases are possible. 

Not just a Visa card… Their Own personalized visa card
The gift cards we give to our ambassadors are not just simple, generic visa cards either.  They have one of the senior portraits from the Ambassadors photo shoot right on the front!  They can keep the card or give it to a friend once its empty

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