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Make your senior portraits awsome!

how to look your best
portraits are best when the viewers eye is drawn to your face.  Unless you choose your clothing carefully, it’s possible for the viewer’s eye to be diverted to the clothing instead of where it should be focused.

Close up portraits
For your yearbook picture or other head and shoulders or closeup poses, dress in something very simple both in style and color.  Boys can choose a suit, sport coat or sweater.  For girls, a plain dress, sweater or blouse with a simple neckline is best.  Both boys and girls should wear long sleeves to keep the eye from being drawn to the flesh of the arm.

Clothing color & style make the difference
Proper clothing allows the face to dominate the portrait, with all other elements being secondary.  Against a medium or dark background, colors that photograph best for the yearbook portrait and other closeup poses are medium to dark tones of green, brown, rust, wine, or blue.  Darker shades are more slimming.

  • Against a medium or dark background avoid light colors tht approximiate flesh tones such as beige, tan, peach, pink, white and yellow.  These colors not only dominate a portrait and overpower the face, but also drain color from the face and make the wearer appear unusually pale.
  • Bare shoulders or tops with spaghetti straps oten make the subject look heavier and take the eye away from the face
  • Especially bright colors such as red, orange, or pink, will ruin a portrait because their intensity overwhelms the face
  • Stripes, plaids, checks, and bold prints also draw the eye away from the face and do not photograph well.

Informal poses and special styles tell the world who you are
Informal portraits invite much more variety in clothing color and style.  Girls can choose a favorite sports outfit, dress, prom dress, shorts jeans outfit - the clothes you really enjoy.  Possible choices for boys include a suit, jeans outfits, a casual or sports jerzy, or a school or other jeacket.  Bring extra clothing choices and we will

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