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Get the best kids portraits

Choices for timless portraits of children

Clothing, style, and prop choices can affect the artistic success of any portrait.  This guide will illustrate that whatever the age or style simple garments photograph the best.

infants and toddlers…
Little ones photograph best in simple clothing that doesnt overpower their delecate features.  Whites and pastels are classic choices.  Casual play clothing works well for older babies.  This is also a great time for no clothes at all!

A childs personality can shine in understated clothing or outfits.  Choose props that express their personality and favorite playtime activities as well as any sports or hobbies they really enjoy.

Pre-Teens and Teens…
Clothing locations and props that show moods activites and achievements are good choices for these ages.  Their personalities are blossoming and they are finding out who they are and want to be in the future.  Let them make some choices to ensure the shoot is a success.

Siblings and Families…
When more than one person in in the portrait, clothing must be coordinated so that it stays wihtin the same style and tonal range.  Try to avoid patterns and stripes because they can cause problems in digital photography and draw away from the subject matter in negative ways.

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