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A guide to planning your child’s portraits

pthumb-0062-240x300 A guide to planning your childs portraitsMore than just pictures

Someday the child you hold now will want to tell your grandchildren what it was like when they were growing up.  Umagine how wonderful it would be to have a beautiful album of priceless photography of that childhood to pass down to future generations.

Capture your childs history through the “7 stages of childhood”

Many clients tell us that they regret not having more portraits made as their children grew up.  It is not that they didnt want more photographs taken, they simply lead busy lives and the time just slipped past.  That is why we have created a structured plan to help parents recognize the most important times to have their childs portrait taken; the “7 Stages of Childhood” are the times that mark specific and significant changes along the path from infancy to young adulthood.

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