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Continuing Education - Hansen Fong

pthumb-hansoncover1-214x300 Continuing Education - Hansen FongLast weekend in Austin Texas the Kinney Studios crew attended a contenuing education seminar held by Hansen Fong. Mr Fong is a world renown wedding photographer who is nown for his amazing lighting skills and stellar posing techinques. In this scemenar he hosted over 200 professional photographers who learned his secrets.

The day long program included these featured higlights:

  • 10 Classical Bridal Poses
  • Fashion
  • Lighting Control
  • Flow Posing
  • Photojournalism
  • Window Lighting
  • Illustrative Posing
  • Infrared B&W
  • Hi Key Lighting
  • Group Posing & Family
  • Body Proportion Balancing
  • Facial Analysis

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